Ukrgazdobycha promises to pay 30 billion UAH of taxes in 2016

Tax revenues to the state budget from the activity of Ukrgazdobycha PJSC will be about 30 billion UAH in 2016. This was announced today during a press conference by the head of Ukrgazdobycha PJSC Oleg Prokhorenko.
«Under the current royalty rate, we will pay 5% of the country’s budget - about 30 billion UAH of taxes», - the head of Ukrgazdobycha PJSC said.
Such calculations were made according to the forecast of the company for 2016.
The head of Ukrgazdobycha PJSC Oleg Prokhorenko said earlier about the company’s intention to produce 14.5 BCM of natural gas in 2015.
In addition, the company intends to produce 500 thousand tons of oil and condensate in 2015, which is 20% of the total country’s production.